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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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careful traveling in that direction this morning. still, those temperatures very cold in spots. 20s in the north bay, 30s and 40s elsewhere. looks like we'll see hazy sunshine by the afternoon. expecting those highs up in the 50s and low 60s. we could see rain coming up. we'll have more on that in a few minutes, guys. back to you. 6:00 straight up now. the 49ers a step closer to leaving san francisco. the city of santa clara okayed big plans for a new stadium. >> now it's time for the nfl to make its move. anne makovec is in santa clara where the 9ers could be playing by 2014. good morning. >> reporter: the nfl owners are meeting today to talk about their end of the deal, financing $150 million toward this new stadium. and if all goes as planned with this financing, well, the groundbreaking could happen next year. we are talking about a stadium with 68,000 seats. more than $1
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billion estimated cost. the city of santa clara would pay $850 million mostly through bank loans. it was a unanimous vote last night. [ applause ] >> reporter: big reaction from the crowd after the santa clara city council made that vote acting as the santa clara stadium authority. dozens of supporters were there. only a few people voiced concerns. >> our grandchildren and great- grandchildren will be burdened with this massive debt. santa clara residents have been betrayed and deceived. >> they have the 49ers behind them and they have the nfl behind them. i don't see this as a risk at all. >> reporter: the 49ers do say that if the stadium ends up costing more than $1 billion, they are willing to pay up. right now santa clara planning to pay its loan back through
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ticket sales, naming rights and a local hotel tax. nfl voters won't be voting, just a briefing on the project today. the vote could come within the next several months. the nfl owners are widely expected to approve this plan. >> thank you, anne makovec live for us down in santa clara. the "occupy" protests at the port of oakland was a multi- million dollar hit this week. only one terminal operate and three were shut on monday. the trib says the report's losses are estimated at 4 to $8 million. plus up to $1,000 per trucker. protestors say they plan to move on from the port and focus now on some of the foreclosure properties. two oakland police officers have been removed from street duty. the "chronicle" reports this morning that internal affairs is now looking into an incident that led to a lawsuit. one of the officers fired a beanbag during an "occupy" protest last month. it hit this man in the leg.
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30-year-old scott campbell shot the video himself, posted it on youtube and then filed suit against the opd. and the way police handled protests at public universities will be the focus of a legislative hearing this morning in sacramento. this is in response to controversy involving this incident pepper spray as well as other uses of force during recent protests at uc-davis and uc-berkeley. uc and csu officials are expected to testify today as are student representatives. tonight police will meet neighbors in the mission district of san francisco after a pair of sexual assaults in the last two months. take a look at surveillance video of the suspect. last thursday, a woman was raped near 24th street and a similar assault occurred in november. police have a vague description of the suspect said to bed in misses 30s between 5'9" and 6 feet. it is 6:03 now. two former san francisco public health department inspectors face bribery charges. "the examiner" reports the two
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are accused of selling food safety certificates to hundreds of restaurants in san francisco and elsewhere. most of those restaurants have received legitimate certificates. the d.a. and other officials will talk about the case this morning. pg&e is now claiming liability for the deadly san bruno explosion so the company will now have it take on the financial responsibility to compensate the victims. how much the utility will pay is unknown. eight people died in the explosion. nearly 40 homes were destroyed. a court hearing on the place is friday. this morning the push to shut up and drive is back in the national spotlight in a big way. federal experts are now calling for a ban on cell phones in cars in all 50 states. gil diaz is talking with some of the drivers in south san francisco and gil, even hands- free phones, i guess, they're part of the ban as well, right? >> reporter: good morning, yes, that's right. it's a very strict law. those federal experts you talk about are the ntsb, the
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national transportation safety board. it is a strict proposal. the ntsb has no authority to enforce the law. but it's hoping that lawmakers will follow suit. so no texting according to the proposal. no hands-free devices, just bluetooth, they are a thing of the past. no talking at all while driving. the ntsb says any type of distract driving is bad. they did a study and found that on any given time of the day, 13.5 million drivers are on a hands-free device but last year, nearly 3100 fatal accidents on our roads involved distracted drivers. now, one member said if it went so far as to describe distracted driving as becoming the new dui.
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>> there may well be technological advances that actually negate the need for something like this. >> like? >> well, for example, the ntsb asked the manufacturers of the consumer electronic product and the cell telephone industry to create applications which in fact would disable the device while the driver is moving. that can happen. >> reporter: state senator joe simitian of palo alto is the one who authored california's cell phone law. he doubts if lawmakers will pass stricter ban because simply as you can imagine a lot of opposition from the phone companies. but frank and grace, if this proposal becomes a nationwide ban, it would allow making emergency phone calls and also if you have one of those hands- free systems installed in your car, that is also allowed. back to you. >> we have a ways to go. gil diaz live in south san francisco, thank you. speaking of cars and drivers, let's check in with elizabeth for the latest in traffic. >> thanks. we are going to head towards
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highway 17. trying to get a locator for where this accident is but a truck went off the embankment. the truck may have caught fire so this is southbound highway 17. it is going against the commute out of los gatos towards the santa cruz mountains. it is stop towards santa cruz avenue so that's southbound lanes of highway 17 where we are seeing some slowing where a truck within the down an embankment and sounds like fire crews are heading to the scene if not already there. no issues in the south bay on 280 and continues to move well towards cupertino and a nice smooth ride across the span of the golden gate bridge. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. if one innovative artist has his way the bay bridge could soon be transformed in a light sculpture. the artist, leo villareal, got to get that right, has proposed installing 25,000 l.e.d.s on the western span support cables. software will cause the bulbs
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to mimic the motions of the san francisco bay. villareal still needs caltrans' approval though and $7 million in private donations. so that has a ways to go but it would be cool. >> tongue twister early in the morning for you, frank. >> i can't say it. "via real." like pancho villa. the nine-year war in iraq is almost over. >> how president obama is mark, of the end today. also ahead. california does have to balance its budget. >> outcry after a new round of budget cuts. the hardest hit areas when we come back. and pg&e facing new backlash over smartmeters. how it punished customers who got rid of them when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. will be in fort bragg, north carolina today... to thank servicemembers, who served during the nine-year war in iraq. . president obama will be in fort bragg, north carolina to thank service members who serve in iraq. that nine-year war ends on december 31. all u.s. combat troops are supposed to be out of iraq by then. at the height of the war in
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2007, about 170,000 u.s. servicemembers were in iraq. layoffs will not hit the state department of justice as hard as had been expected. this was supposed to happen next year. the department of justice had been expected to lay off 203 agents but attorney general kamala harris now says it will be 102 sworn agents plus 21 civilians who will lose their jobs. harris somehow found money in her budget to keep the rest of the agents on the job. 6:12 now. this morning a scramble for the latest victims of california's new round of spending cuts. governor brown announced $1 billion in trigger cuts that kicked in when state revenue fell short. among them $248 million for school transportation. that's effectively eliminating school buses for many of the school districts. $100million for each of the uc and csu systems. and $100 million for in home support services. >> i'm sensitive to what these
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cutbacks do to real people, but i'm also aware that over time california does have to balance its budget. we have to exercise fiscal discipline. >> l.a. county school district plans to file a lawsuit to block the cuts to school transportation. it takes effect january 1. coming up, joining the likes of mark zuckerberg and president obama, "time" magazine just released its new person of the year. >> free weed for those in need. the pot giveaway and it's right here in california. freezing temperatures around the bay area this morning. we have some very cold weather. high country now 12 degrees at lake tahoe. lots of snow up there. but they are having to make it. they have not seen snow for a while. looking good at mammoth. northstar partly cloudy skies. squaw valley looking good. nice and dry. partly cloudy, plenty of snow coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this morning an attorney for one of the victims in the jerry sandusky sex abu welcome back. an attorney for one of the victims in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse case appeared on the "cbs early show." he spoke about his client's anger at not being able to confront his accuser yesterday in court. >> he was very angry. he was thoroughly prepared by
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the lead prosecutor to testify. and got himself psyched up to do just that and was really angry that after being so well prepared, he was denied the opportunity and the potential cathartic release that comes with it and was angry that he didn't have the chance to do so. >> the attorney said that despite his client's disappointment he will be ready to confront sandusky when the case goes to trial. okay, grace. 6:17 now. let's take a look at some of the top stories on this wednesday. santa clara is putting $850 million behind a new stadium for the 49ers. the city council voted unanimously last night for that financing plan. now the nfl will get involved. some state lawmakers will hold a hearing this morning in sacramento on police handling of protests at public universities. it's all in response to controversies like this one here involving the pepper spray at uc-davis and other uses of force during recent protests at some of the uc campuses.
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u.s. postal service is delaying the closure of 200 sorting centers and almost 4,000 post offices until may. it's hoped that congress will use the extra time now to develop a plan and save the struggling agency. how about some weather? it is chilly out there. it is very cold all around the bay area especially in the north bay right now. freeze warnings are up there until 9:00 in the morning. we have seen cold temperatures already plunging into the 20s in many of the valleys so be very careful there. getting reports of fog in santa rosa and the napa valley. you could see freezing fog and, of course, if you have any moisture on the ground that's going to freeze making it very slick on the roads. but that should begin to moderate through mid-morning. temperatures all around the bay area on the chilly side. 30s and 40s in most spots with patchy fog. by the afternoon, maybe a couple lingering clouds at the coast. otherwise, hazy sunshine inside the bay and interior valleys. highs in the 50s and low 60s. high pressure holding on for one more day.
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"spare the air" day, cold start to the day. changes tomorrow morning. should stay dry for today. but as we get into tomorrow, maybe a little rain makes its way back into the bay area. patchy fog to start out with early on this morning. our computer model picked up on it pretty well. throughout the night tonight this may be a little quick but trying to bring rain in early tomorrow morning in parts of the north bay and parts of the central bay but you get the idea that's not a real big weathermaker just scattered showers around the bay area. temperatures for today, 50s and 60s with hazy sunshine in the afternoon. next couple of days unsettled into tomorrow. but after that friday looking good as high pressure begins to build in. that will probably stay throughout the better part of the weekend although partly cloudy skies into sun, dry monday and tuesday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. just within the last few minutes, they issued a fog advisory, chp did for the carquinez bridge. so fog is definitely an issue this morning. you can see it in a lot of the cameras especially in the north
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bay. seeing it earlier through mill valley and in fact chp earlier reported that visibility was a quarter mile or less on the richmond/san rafael bridge so be extra careful. bay bridge toll plaza also within the last few minutes they turned on the metering lights so now we are seeing delays in all lanes. so far not too bad though. i would say it's a little better than we typically see at this time of the morning. only still backed up -- getting closer towards the end of the lot. coming from the carquinez bridge to the maze, your drive time down the eastshore freeway still look great only about 20 minutes. all right. elsewhere highway 4, it is really starting to get slow through here. slow early, as well. westbound 4 speeds under 10 miles per hour past a street improving into pittsburg and concord closer towards 242. over the altamont pass, westbound 580, it is stop and go all the way out towards the dublin interchange. you can see speeds are mostly in the 40s, these are live traffic sensors closer towards dublin and the pleasanton area. there is your drive too many now, 19 minutes from the -- there is your drive time now 19
6:21 am
minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. eastbound 580 looks great. following this accident, it was a truck versus embankment sounds like the truck went down the embankment and caught fire so two fire crews heading to the scene probably there now. southbound lanes of highway 17 past the katz restaurants by santa cruz avenue apparently it is really slow. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. back to you >> thank you. 6:21. do we have the cbs 5 drummer? [ laughter ] >> a little drum roll here. >> not in the budget. >> no. but time's person of the year will surprise you. we'll tell you who it is coming up. also ahead why the 49ers have one less thing to worry about monday night. >> and don't adjust your volume. the loud and clear message the fcc wants everyone to hear when grace and i come back. ,,,,
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make
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this time its over cutting off the power to at least 3 santa cruz county residents who removed smartmeters from their more backlash against pg&e. this time, it's over cutting off the power to at least three santa cruz county residents who removed smartmeters from their homes. according to the santa cruz sentinel the customers hired an electrician to remove the meters because of health concerns. pg&e says that the work was done without their permission and they will not replace the wireless meters with old analog ones. the company says it has become a, quote, safety issue. you know you hate it
6:25 am
watching tv and then the commercials come on and it's really loud? the government has been hearing your complaints. a new federal rule will prohibit commercials to be played much louder than the television shows. this comes after thousands of viewer complaints but the law won't take effect until another year. well, i didn't know they could do that the commercials anyways. people with a medical marijuana card will get their prescription filled for free on friday. a medical pot dispensary called magnolia wellness will give away marijuana to cardholders. the stores in sacramento area going out of business after the club closes they plan to focus on working to make medical marijuana completely legal. "time" magazine's person of the year for 2011 was just announced this morning and the winner is the protestor. time cites the middle east, europe and the united states as the reason for the selection. the magazine's decision highlights the protestor as the driving force behind global
6:26 am
political and economic change. >> a big year. the 49ers catching a break when they play the steelers on monday night. yeah. they are in prime time. of the team will not face james harrison. he is a former defensive player of the year. he was suspended by the nfl for one game because of a helmet-to- helmet hit on the cleveland browns quarterback last week. so good news not such good news for the cleveland brown quarterback colt mccoy but good news for 49ers fans. i believe that game is right here on cbs 5 on monday night. >> we'll be watching. coming up, health inspectors are accused of bribery. how bay area restaurants are getting a free safety pass. >> and google takes a stand for human rights. the huge donation to fight sex slavery around the world. coming up. whether you think of it as a risky move or winning play, the 49ers move to santa clara is one step closer to reality. we'll tell you what could block the move coming up.
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texting and talking while driving, even using using your bluetooth while driving could be a thing of the past and that's if federal experts get their way. we'll explain coming up. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning on this
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wednesday, it's december14. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's nearly 6:30 on this wednesday. we have a frosty start. >> frank can't remember the fourth p. >> the people, pipe, plants. >> and pets. >> we forgot that one now. you have to remember that it's so cold outside. freezing temperatures in the north bay temperatures plummetting down into the 20s this morning. freezing there. and yes, it looks like fog and possibly some freezing fog if you're headed in that direction. cold temperatures should moderate around 9:00 and the advisories will expire. still, temperatures right now 28 degrees in napa. we have come up a little in santa rosa. fog there, as well. 43 san jose. 30s and 40s around the rest of the bay area. this afternoon, hazy sunshine and temperatures into the 50s and 60 not as cold tomorrow but
6:31 am
maybe rain. thank you. it looks like bye-bye candlestick park. professional football could be in santa clara. anne makovec is in santa clara with the story. >> reporter: good morning. today the nfl owners are meeting to discuss this financing agreement that could put groundbreaking here in santa clara by next year. the stadium would be 68,000 seats at more than $1 billion. the nfl would pay $150 million with the city of santa clara paying $850 million. mostly through bank loans to start off with. [ applause ] >> reporter: that was the crowd reaction after the unanimous vote last night by the santa clara city council acting as the santa clara stadium authority. dozens of supporters were there and only a few people voiced
6:32 am
concerns. >> it's a wonderful, wonderful opportunity and it's a great deal for the city of santa clara and also for the 49ers. so congratulations. >> we're committing to covering the cost overruns for the building. whatever that number is, we're committed to fund that. >> reporter: that was the 49ers cfo you just heard from. the city is planning to pay the loan back itself though over the next 25 years through ticket sales, naming rights and a local hotel tax. we're not expecting a vote today by the nfl owners. they are just meeting. they are getting a briefing on this plan now that it has been approved by the city council. they could make it official in the next few months. groundbreaking as soon as next year ready for kickoff in 2014. >> crazy. it could happen so fast. thanks. this has been a hot topic across the country. today state lawmakers will look at how university police respond to student protestors. this is in response to recent controversies involving pepper
6:33 am
spray and other uses of force during protests at u.c.-davis and uc-berkeley. uc and cus officials will testify today as well as student representatives. and the numbers are out. monday's "occupy" protest at the port of oakland was a multi- million dollar hit to the economy. three terminals were totally shut down. the "oakland tribune" says that the port losses are estimated at up to $8 million. plus up to $1,000 for each truck driver. protestors say they plan to move on from the port and focus on foreclosures. we have heard from lawrence. now time for a little equal time. let's kick it over to elizabeth find out how the roadways are on this wednesday. >> yeah. thanks, guys. yeah, fog is causing issues this morning for the start of your morning commute. in fact, we have two new fog advisories just issued by chp so chp is driving around checking the bridges, checking where it's the foggiest. they just issued one for the carquinez bridge where you can't see it in the traffic camera. there is a new one for the
6:34 am
benicia bridge and richmond/san rafael bridge. visibility is a quarter mile less early this morning so yeah, this is the morning to be extra careful. at the bay bridge metering lights have been on for about 15 minutes or so. and you can see it is stacking up now beyond the west grand overcrossing. so at least a 10-minute wait to get on the bridge. and we are also following this accident. now, it should be cleared here shortly. for a while temporarily all lanes were blocked southbound highway 17 at santa cruz avenue. the truck within the down the bank of america. and it sounds -- the truck went down the embankment. it sounds like the fire is out. in the next five minutes all lanes should be opened but in the meantime it's slow out of los gatos. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a tech giant in the silicon valley is making a major charitable donation to help millions of people all around the world. among that donation is an effort to fight slavery. kcbs radio's matt bigler on the millions going to help end human trafficking.
6:35 am
matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about $11.5 million going from google's charitable arm to basically helping to end modern slavery around the world. this is believed to be the largest single contribution ever dedicated to fighting slavery. it's going to several different groups that are dedicated to these efforts around the world. orchestrating the contribution is the international justice mission based in washington, d.c. we just talked to a representative of their group and the says it's inspiring to see a -- she says it's inspiring to see a company like google basically making a big bet against slavery. [ pause ] >> look at this extraordinary company that has sort of recreated the world as we know it now take on one of the enduring crimes against humanity. it's just nothing short of
6:36 am
thrilling and brilliant. >> reporter: worldwide, it's estimated that 27 million people are somehow enslaved whether that be in the sex industry or households as domestic servants or in sweatshops. 27million people. this isn't only contribution that google is making as part of its end of year charitable contributions. in total the company is giving $40 million to help end slavery to promote education and to make technology more accessible around the world. about a quarter of the groups getting fund having based here in the bay area and northern california. just to give you one example, the girl scouts. girl scouts of northern california getting $500,000 from google to help introduce girls to engineering. and there's a ton of other groups and more information is obviously available online. i'm matt bigler live in san jose for cbs 5. >> thank you. you have heard it before. hang up and drive. >> now there is a federal safety board that's calling for that to happen in all 50 states
6:37 am
for all drivers. that even includes hands-free devices. gil diaz joins from us south san francisco to explain. good morning, gil. >> reporter: good morning. the national transportation safety board the federal experts who want to push this proposal. i have talked to some drivers here at this mini-mart. they are split on the proposal. they think it's a good idea but a little too extreme. i'll explain why in just a moment. ntsb says they would like no texting, no talking, not even using your bluetooth while driving because it's considered distracted driving, an epidemic. one ntsb member described it as the next dui of our time. now, ntsb did a study and found that on any given day, 13.5 million of us are on a hands- free device. last year, nearly 3100 fatal accidents on our roads involved
6:38 am
distracted driving. we did talk to drivers like i said this morning. what they thought about the proposal? they think, first of all, there are too many laws already, but secondly, there are other distractions that aren't policed. >> but you're also distracted if somebody else is talking to you in the car, if you have kids, if you're eating, reading the paper, there's a lot of things that distracts you. they can't cover everything. >> reporter: if this proposal becomes a nationwide ban it would have some exemptions, for instance if you have some of those hands-free systems installed in your car, that is allowed. and also, if you are making an emergency call that is also allowed. frank and grace? >> starting up a whole new conversation. thank you. 6:38 now. san francisco's d.a. and other officials have a news conference this morning about a health issue. two former san francisco public health department inspectors are facing bribery charges. "the examiner" reports that the two are accused of selling food safety certificates to hundreds of restaurants in san francisco
6:39 am
and elsewhere. most of those restaurants do have legitimate certificates. pg&e now claiming liability for the deadly san bruno explosion taking on financial responsibility to compensate the victims. how much the utility will pay up, though, we don't know. 8 people died in that explosion nearly 40 homes destroyed. the court hearing on the case is set for friday. 6:39. the story that might sound familiar. the metermaid writing you a ticket? >> yes, she is. >> the bay area city that is giving drivers like frank a break. >> that would be good. and she is a legend and so is her jewelry. what people paid to own some of liz taylor's priceless gems. >> let's check the early numbers on the stock market. we are down in the red. the dow down 45. we'll check in with jason brooks when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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californians... they got up there you go. a rare chance to play in the snow for some southern california kids. they got up to 8" of snow in the mountains a little north of l.a. the snow fell at lower elevations than usual yesterday but the sun was out by midday. snow stopped falling. if you were driving in the
6:43 am
southland, interstate 5 is open over the grapevine. no chain controls but it sure is pretty down there, lawrence. >> it is. >> when are we going to get snow here? >> left the cold temperatures behind and it is freezing outside right now. let's get you out there now. we have patchy fog, some of that over the bay at this hour. and also, seeing some fog in the north bay valleys and that's where we're watching some of these freezing temperatures so you could see freezing fog. that fog could stick to your windshield driving around the bay area. so be careful traveling there this morning as those temperatures have already made their way down into the 20s in some spots. we have come up a couple of degrees toward santa rosa but still seeing fog there. temperatures around the rest of the bay area in the 30s and 40s with a few clouds. by the afternoon, maybe a couple of lingering clouds at the coastline. otherwise, hazy sunshine and temperatures up into the 50s and 60s. high pressure holding on for one last day here. another "spare the air" day and a cold start to the morning but i think this is the last little dry break we get as another
6:44 am
storm system approaches bringing changes and rain tomorrow. computer models picking up on it pretty well. patchy fog breaks up leaving the hazy sunshine. and then overnight tonight, you see the clouds beginning to gather and sliding in through the bay area. a chance of showers developing toward tomorrow morning. plan on 54 degrees and cool in pacifica, 60 million 60 in mountain view, showers with cool temperatures on thursday. friday drying out. weekend looking good. high pressure going to hold on, just partly cloudy skies into sunday, probably staying dry on monday and tuesday, as well. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. fog causing issues on the road this morning especially in the north bay. a lot of our traffic cameras seeing fog, on 101, portions of mill valley and in fact chp issued several fog advisories for some of our bridges including the carquinez bridge and one for the benicia bridge and one for the richmond/san rafael bridge, as well. so here's a live look at the golden gate bridge.
6:45 am
you can see it's foggy there in the distance but traffic is moving okay all across the span. different story at the bay bridge. it's backed up. the metering lights have been on since before 6:0. so it is jammed now in all lanes as far as the 880 overcrossing. 15 minutes to get on the bridge. no incident there. we are dealing with an incident an earlier problem southbound highway 17 come out of los gatos, santa cruz avenue. there was a truck fire there all lanes are now reopened. so the fire crews have left. there may still be some activity on the shoulder but for the most part, southbound traffic gets by now but you can see it's still slow in the area so this is just residual delays and northbound 17 that's where it's backed up as well even though all lanes have been open for at least the last 10 minutes or so. elsewhere the silicon valley ride westbound 237 seeing a few brake lights leaving milpitas towards san jose. you can see that traffic there coming around the bend. elsewhere across the rest of the south bay looking good coming out of downtown san jose, starting to get a little
6:46 am
busy in the northbound lanes. but up and down the guadalupe parkway, 101 so far, so good throughout the south bay. and mass transit systemwide for bart on time, no delays. we haven't had any mass transit issues this morning. ace trains one and three no delay. bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries all on time. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> nice and smooth out there. okay. those holiday road trips planned for next week may come a little cheaper than expected. that's right. the aaa report says that the price of gas has dropped an average of 25 cents in california since last month. northern californians are spending an average 3.58 a gallon. in the bay area, it's cheapest in san jose at 3.55. in oakland, 3.65. and san francisco has the highest prices at 3.74. a pilot program in oakland is giving people a five-minute grace people once their parking meter runs out.
6:47 am
drivers get the chance to feed the meter if they find a parking enforcement agent writing a ticket. the city will reevaluate the program in six months and see how it's doing. >> the hardest part is just having quarters. >> i know. >> having enough. >> you dump out a jar and there's nothing but pennies, nickels an dimes. >> i'll set there looking for quarters mother minutes are jumping on the chance to refinance -- more americans are jumping on the chance to refinance their homes. to talk about that is jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. if you are one of those people lucky enough to qualify for new financing under strict new rules for banks, not a bad time. we have seen interest rates for a couple of years now at very low rates around record lows for mortgages and the mortgage bankers association says refi apps rose 9.3% last week. this while 30-year loans averaged about 4.12% down 6 basis points from the week before. overall apps were up 4.1% because home purchase apps were
6:48 am
down by 8.2%. that's a big drop but it also comes before the holidays. typically we don't see a lot of home buying take place during the holiday season. it looks like a lot of dark clouds on the horizon today for solar companies. first solar based in tempe, arizona, significantly lowered its earnings and revenue outlook for the year. $5.75 to $6 per share down considerably from what it was expecting before. revenue down also quite a bit. says it had a lot of weather delays and the entire industry itself has been facing all sorts of problems because of slowing economic growth around the world. an as a result, first solar shares are getting absolutely pummeled this morning and dragging down other solar companies, as well. let's look at the market right now. first solar is down 17.5%! sunpower down by almost 6% on that. the market is dropping. right now the dow lower by 81 at 11,876. nasdaq giving up 27.
6:49 am
the s&p is down by 9 points. euro debt concerns top of mind as all. the euro is trading at $1.29 this morning, the lowest since january. with the dollar up, stocks head lower. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and well, apparently the buck ends with james garfield. the u.s. mint's dollar coin series featuring the presidents has been halted. and it's all because of budget cuts. the idea was to release four per year kind of like what they did with the quarters starting with george washington through james madison, garfield was the most recent president to be honored so fans of chester allen arthur our 21st president are out of luck. didn't see many of that's in circulation. and i think it was more for the collectors than anybody else. but they are kind of cool. the coins, that is. >> check them out. >> you should if you can find them. they're hard to find. they say diamonds are a girl's best friend. elizabeth taylor had a lot of friends. her fashion and jewels were up for auction last night. this was at christie's in new
6:50 am
york. the emerald and diamond necklace a gift from her husband richard burton cost about $6 million. the auction raised nearly $116 million. part of the profits will go to the late actress' foundations. a curious black bear causing quite a stir. >> i guess so. it was spotted in an unusual place in downtown vancouver. take a look. you can see the bear on top of a garbage truck. he is hungry, just eating some scraps. after its brief big city foray, police were called in to surround it. animal conservation officer arrived tranquilized mr. bear there. >> look at him. oh. >> he's going down. but he's okay. it was released in the wild. >> i'm just hungry. leave me alone. >> i'm on a garbage truck soleil off. >> after the training dart woke up with a bad headache, though. >> he said how did i get here? a whole new home. >> poor little bear. like the country bear visiting the big city. >> that a book?
6:51 am
>> no. making it up as we go. time for what's coming up on "the early show" with jeff glor. >> wake up, jeff. >> i'm sorry i didn't hear that, guys. >> we're just going on and on about a bear. >> oh, good. we love bears. coming up here on "the early show," we're tacking about this new proposal by the ntsb fairly radical proposal. they want to get rid of all cell phone talking while in cars including hands-free. we're going to talk to the former chief of the ntsb about whether that can happen and how long it might take. it might take long, long time if ever. nicholas sparks is here this morning. we love him. right? we're going to ask him about a number of his books. there he is. how about that? he is here with us right now. how about that. >> he's early. >> we're going to talk about whether the notebook is coming to broadway. >> love that story. >> love the movie, too. all right.
6:52 am
jeff glor it's "the early show" starts at 7:00. have a good one. >> reporter: thank you. 6:51. a baby seal caught couch surfing. you have to see this one. >> i have to see that, too. coming up, you're going to see the bay bridge in a whole new way. the light show one artist wants to put on the bay. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
can now be enjoyed in your coffee only international delight puts the real flavours from your favourite treats inside any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake.
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new selsun blue deep cleansing. respond to stude in a few hours some state lawmakers will hold a hearing on how university police respond to student protestors. it is in response to recent controversies involving the pepper spray you see here and other uses of force during protests at uc-davis and at cal, as well. 49ers are one step closer to leaving candlestick park. santa clara okayed financing for the brand-new stadium. >> and now it's time for the nfl to make its move. anne makovec is in santa clara where the 9ers could be playing as soon as 2014. >> reporter: can you believe it? the nfl's owners are meeting today to discuss financing for their part of this deal. and yeah, ground braking could happen here as soon as next year. we're talking about a stadium with 68,500 seats. the total cost is more than $1 billion. under the deal, the nfl would
6:56 am
pay $150 million with the city of santa clara funding $850 million. it was a unanimous vote by the santa clara city council. dozens of supporters voiced their support at the meeting. only a few people mentioned concerns saying the city is take on too much of a financial risk. now, the 49ers, though, say they will pay any cost overruns. right now the city is planning to pay the loan back itself over the next 25 years through ticket sales, naming rights and a local hotel tax. now, we're not expecting a vote today from the nfl owners group. they are just going to be briefed on the project and then they would be taking a vote within the next few months. grace and frank? >> thank you, anne. the bay bridge could be illuminated once again. a masterpiece i guess. >> this an artist proposes
6:57 am
25,000 l.e.d.s on the western span. it would flicker to mim ek the motions of the san francisco bay. villareal still needs caltrans approval. he needs $7 million in private donation. lawrence says he is going to help him out. >> i would like to make a big donation. if they can make that thing flicker to the ocean there, i will be impressed. >> i think so. >> you were about to say were you going to make a big donation. >> and i will make a big donation. >> it's all relative. >> how about some weather? >> i think we're doing traffic. traffic first, of the let's talk about the fog. we have a little weather, traffic news for you. there's been several fog advisories issued by chp including one for -- can anyone guess where this is? >> somewhere in the fog? >> there is a map behind it but that's okay. it's the benicia bridge. >> we're not very good at guessing. >> this is an issue for the carquinez bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. foggy across the deck of the golden gate especially on the marin county side so anyway be extra careful there but you can see traffic is moving fine this morning from novato, san rafael
6:58 am
down through the waldo grade and it's still slow out of los gatos. an earlier problem southbound 17 at santa cruz avenue a truck ran into the embankment and caught fire. everything is clear for a while and things are improve. for a while southbound traffic was really backed up and northbound 17, as well. lawrence has the forecast. >> elizabeth, very cold outside around the bay area. freeze warnings in the north bay temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 30s and 40s elsewhere around the bay area. toward the afternoon, not bad. hazy sunshine, we may see a couple of showers on thursday. looks like we start to clear out and warm up on friday and saturday. partly cloudy into sun and, of course, on monday and tuesday. with 12 days to go until christmas, we are showing you the best light displays. send your pictures to or facebook.
6:59 am
>> give you one story lawrence and you can't get through it. >> one story. >> laughter kicks in. >> that guy i tell you. >> a sofa gets the seal of approval from a savvy pup. a baby seal went across a highway, upstairs and made himself at home on the sofa. the woman who found him in new zealand with her cat said she thought she was hallucinating at first. >> can you imagine? >> be careful about it cuteness is deceiving. if i found that thing in my house, i would have made it my pet. taught it to seal clap. >> sardines, not pretzels. >> that's what a writer said. >> maybe that pup lights


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